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Requirement for a Successful Management Dissertation

A candidate’s or doctorate dissertation should be written with the use of critical and analytical thinking of the author. To be successful the management dissertation, like any other dissertation type, needs to contain a meticulous research, rhetorical writing and logics of the narration. The other thing that is also of vital importance is the topic of investigation. It needs to be a winning one, acute and interesting both to the author and to the audience.

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Invariable Dissertation Components

The traditional structure of a management dissertation falls into the following components:

Title Page – Abstract – Introduction – Background – Literature Review – Methodology – Results – Analysis and Discussion – Conclusion – Bibliography – Appendices.

These components are to be ordered as shown above. Still, some of them are optional, so you will need to consult your scientific advisor on your management dissertation structural parts.

Types of Research for your Thesis

The researches you carry in a management dissertation may be of several types. They are:

  • explanatory;
  • predictive;
  • analytical;
  • descriptive.

The choice of the research type depends on the theme of your investigation. After you have decided on it you need to come to the next stages of the writing process. They are composing the list of literature on the topic, setting the expected date for completing, writing a draft and planning of the research, carrying it out, composing of the management dissertation itself.

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