Write My Dissertation Literature Review

What Is a Literature Review?

Your literature review is how you will set the scene for your research through explaining what the current beliefs and findings are within your area of study. You review the current findings of the main researchers within your chosen field; you explain what they believe, how different researchers differ and how beliefs have changed over time to the present situation.
All documents (Books, other dissertations, online articles, news, etc.) that you use to illustrate the current situation have to be referenced within your literature review to clearly show where you have drawn your information.

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Your Dissertation Research and Writing

Your dissertation literature review will require you to identify the leading pieces of research in your chosen area as well as any literature that may dispute the views held within the main bodies of work. This may involve extensive use of academic libraries as well as use of the Internet to find relevant quotes, data and findings reached by other persons.
Researching your subject and being able to sort the important facts from the general discussions on your subject can be a lengthy and difficult process that often takes far longer than anticipated and planned for. This is then followed by the equally difficult task of analyzing the information and writing up your dissertation literature review to the precise standards required.

Problems with Conducting Your Dissertation Literature Review

Many people find conducting and writing the dissertation literature review to be a very daunting task; due to both its time consuming nature and the strict formatting requirements for citations as well as the English and Grammatical standards that have to be met for academic writing.
This leads many students to seek for help as deadlines begin to approach far faster than expected and frustration levels rise with regards to getting the format correct.

Where Can You Go for Help with Your Dissertation Literature Review?

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