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What Is a Dissertation Abstract?

The dissertation abstract is a succinct summary of your dissertation in just one paragraph (a single page at most) that appears at the beginning of your dissertation, usually directly after your title.
The abstract has to cover the following areas:

•    A statement of what the problem is that you are seeking to address and why it is important
•    How you have gone about conducting your research, what were your methods?
•    A summary of your results and findings
•    Your conclusion and recommendations

By reading this abstract the reader should be able to fully understand why you have conducted your research, how you did it, and what your findings and recommendations are.

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Writing a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a far from easy task, it requires a significant investment in your time as well as the need to learn an exacting and difficult style of writing. The formatting, English and grammatical requirements are difficult for many to follow, especially if like many students English is not your primary language.

Help Writing an Abstract for a Dissertation

Whatever your reasons may be; you may wish to get some help in writing a dissertation abstract or even in writing a dissertation from start to finish. Many people find that the stylistic requirements are just beyond them or they just don’t have enough time free to complete the work so they need to find help in writing their dissertation abstract.
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How Can Write My Dissertation Help with Writing a Dissertation Abstract?

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