What Should a Business Dissertation Include

Choosing the Topic for Your Business Dissertation Research

write my dissertation professional serviceBusiness is probably one of the best spheres to write dissertation in. Firstly, it is a rather prestigious area for working nowadays. Secondly, it is rapidly changing. Thirdly, businessmen rule the world. So if you are going to obtain the degree in business, no matter whether it is real estate or agricultural, trading or building, financial or service business, you have all chances to succeed with the dissertation, if the topic for your business dissertation has been chosen correctly, of course.

Your paper may be devoted to business models or plans building unless your scientific advisor has not limited you to the topic choice. The most popular topics may refer to advertising issues or business ethics, international business etc. And of coure you have an option to save your time and get a winning paper by working with professional MBA dissertation writing service or can craft your paper on your own.

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10 Most Popular Businesses Topics

  • Hispanic problems, such as examining the growing challenges of the increasing Hispanic population as well as the increased roles or influences of the Hispanics to business;
  • Energy sources, such as the growing demands for energy while supply is becoming scarce or limited for fossil fuel and its impact on business;
  • Waste disposal – a topic could be the increasing tonnes of waste materials being disposed yearly and its effects to the environment and potential solutions to the problem, and ways it affects businesses;
  • Hot political environment in the Middle East and growing tension on oil supply dominance by capitalists;
  • Democracy – How important is it. What are the challenges it faces now? Is there real democracy in business?
  • Business marketing changes in the modern landscape;
  • Media  influence on teens and how they’re dealing with it when making purchase decisions;
  • UN policies on the environment and do those policies affect business?
  • Religion and globalization – how related and how one affects the other;
  • Is government support on small local business important? How does it affect the country’s economy and creation of new policies?

Case Study Method Applying

business dissertation writing serviceCase study is one of the methods that perfectly passes for business dissertation writing. It may be applied by you or by your colleagues in the group. Its results may become really innovative. This kind of intensive analysis of an event or phenomena may be either of explanatory or descriptive type. Whatever you choose, case study is a wonderful format to research a certain aspect of modern business. If you have no idea about the case study method, but still want to use it, you may consult the custom professional writers or order the option “write my dissertation” in the custom writing company at affordable prices.

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Components of the Business Dissertation

After you have decided which relevant business topic to choose, you need to write the first draft of the future business dissertation. In the final version, your dissertation should include title page, introduction, methodology of the research, results and conclusions and bibliography.

Each part needs to be thoroughly thought out, do not include unreliable information or non-cited sources into your business dissertation to avoid problems.

  • Title page: It is the part of the paper that tells the readers what the paper is about, but it must be complete, specific and descriptive of the study you did. Most of the time, the title page is also based on your discipline’s requirement. You can ask about it.
  • Abstract: You must take care of it well because it contains briefly what the paper is about, but it must also be able to stand alone answering how and why you did the study. The examiners will assess the section as an independent document and a part of your thesis.
  • Acknowledgements: This contains a list of the people that have helped you complete the study.
  • Tables, figures and contents lists: It is the section for showing the paper’s structure.
  • Introduction: The main roles of the introduction are to expand what you summarized in the abstract and to signpost that the dissertation’s remaining content.
  • The context of the study and literature review: Its main purpose is showing that you know the overall topic or context of the paper. Some objectives include describing the current status of research in that field, identifying the gap where you think further study is needed, and considering what related areas you may also have to refer to, to name some.
  • Chapter for describing sources, methods, and materials: You need to describe ways on how you did the study. You should be precise in describing processes, equipment and materials, among others.
  • Findings and results: This section contains what you found out and results you gathered in the study. Its presentation is based on the requirements of the faculty
  • Discussion: In this section, you can go back to the rationale you presented in the literature review.  You can also discuss what this study has added in that previous study.
  • Conclusions: It is the insightful ‘conclusion’ regarding the main points presented and their significance in the field.
  • Reference: The section contains all the references used in the paper. Be sure to double check and review that what you write here are used in the dissertation.
  • Appendices: If required, you need this section. However, check if they count towards the word limit.

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How to Write a Successful Business Dissertation

  • Find the topic for the paper: It needs to be original and specific. Spend time to read and know which areas need further research. Examine arguments produced, and determine the perspective to develop in the paper. Make sure that the chosen topic is strong enough for a deeper investigation.
  • Structure and write the proposal: Write the proposal that will be used to convince the committee that your choice topic is significant for further study. The proposal has the working title, content page, abstract, introduction, methodology, summary, and chapter numbers, each with a working title, conclusion, bibliography, appendices, and references.
  • Begin with the research: In this stage, you will apply the methodology you proposed for gathering data, which will support the paper. The paper’s structure is very similar to the proposal:
  • Check on correct structure, including citation and referencing style.
  • Proofread and edit carefully.
  • Redraft the paper until your supervisor and you are happy with it. Ensure that your paper meets the requirements of the school.


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