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What Should a Business Dissertation Include

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Choosing the Topic for the Research

Business is probably one of the best spheres to write dissertation in. Firstly, it is a rather prestigious area for working nowadays. Secondly, it is rapidly changing. Thirdly, businessmen rule the world. So if you are going to obtain the degree in business, no matter whether it is real estate or agricultural, trading or building, financial or service business, you have all chances to succeed with the dissertation, if the topic for your business dissertation has been chosen correctly, of course. Your paper may be devoted to business models or plans building unless your scientific advisor has not limited you in the topic choice.

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The most popular topics may refer to advertising issues or business ethics, international business etc.

Case Study Method Applying

Case study is one of the methods that perfectly passes for business dissertation writing. It may be applied by you or by your colleagues in the group. Its results may become really innovative. This kind of intensive analysis of an event or phenomena may be either of explanatory or descriptive type. Whatever you choose, case study is a wonderful format to research a certain aspect of modern business.

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Components of the Business Dissertation

After you have decided which relevant business topic to choose, you need to write the first draft of the future business dissertation. In the final version your dissertation should include Title Page, Introduction, Methodology of the Research, Results and Conclusions and Bibliography. Each part needs to be thoroughly thought out, do not include unreliable information or non-cited sources into your business dissertation to avoid problems.

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