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perfect thesis writing serviceSometimes, thesis and dissertation are used as interchangeable terms. In fact, the terms are quite different. A thesis is usually required for completing a Masters degree and involves a smaller body of study that a dissertation. Generally, a thesis is a statement that must be proved and a dissertation is research conducted on existing literature review. In the United States, Masters candidates complete a thesis, while PhD candidates complete a dissertation. In the United Kingdom, both requirements are called dissertations. The Masters level dissertation is much shorter that the PhD dissertation in the UK.

What if I need to edit my dissertation proposal? We understands the difference between thesis writing and dissertation proposal writing, and editing. Developing a concise and relevant thesis requires an understanding of such differences. Our writers know that a thesis writing involves stating a new hypothesis to be tested. We also understand the thesis and proposal must prove that the writer (you) is qualified to carry out the proposed research.

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Thesis Chapters We Can Help On

  • Abstract: It contains a short description of the objectives and background of the problem as well as statement of it. The section also contains a brief discussion of the design, conclusion, recommendations and findings.
  • Title page: The section contains research title, researcher’s name, and subject. It also includes the department and college to which you’re presenting the research as well as the date (with year) the paper is submitted.
  • Acknowledgement: It lists the people that guided you in the completion of the project.
  • Table of contents: This section contains the headings, chapter titles, and chapter numbers, and page citations, subheadings of the main ones, appendix and bibliography.
  • List of tables: It contains the caption presentations of the tables used, along with the tables’ number, title captions and pages where to find the table.
  • List of Illustrations and figures: It will how the numbers of the illustration and figures, along with title or caption, and pages where to find the figures and illustrations.
  • Introduction: It contains the study’s background, hypothesis and problem statement, conceptual and theoretical framework, terms definition, study’s importance, and delimitation and scope.
  • Related literature review: It gives the readers an insight into what has been researched and what else has not been researched related to the problem through an explanation of the basis of the theoretical framework.
  • Methodology: It offers the procedures used in gathering data.
  • Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data: The chapter contains data analysis and interpretation of it.
  • Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations: The section summarizes the findings and answers the questions of the study.

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10 Most Popular Thesis Topics for You to Consider

  • How safe is cybersecurity?
  • Cyberbullying: its effects on teenage depression
  • Where are we in artificial intelligence?
  • Mars exploration: how close did NASA get to the truth of life existence?
  • Best practices to reduce global warming
  • How hungry is the world getting?
  • What are the unseen challenges of marine/ocean pollution?
  • The latest status of the US in same sex marriage?
  • Should abortion be legalized?
  • Big and small team and time management


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