Main Parts of a Marketing Dissertation

Variable and Invariable Components of a Marketing Dissertation

The generally acknowledged in the scientific society dissertation structure may be shown by the next scheme:

Title Page – Signed Statement – Acknowledgements – Abstract – Table of Contents – Chapters: Introduction, Literature Review, Aims and Methodology, Context, Findings, Discussion and Analysis, Conclusion – Bibliography – Appendices.

Description of all them you can see below:

  • Title page: includes name of university, name of author, date of submission, subject;
  • Table of contents: may be written after the abstract in some universities;
  • Formal notices, such as ‘declaration of originality’; confirmation of ethics clearance; acknowledgments; list of abbreviations or initials used;
  • An abstract is the brief summary of a paper telling the readers what the research is discussing. You must check for regulations in your university on its style and word limit;
  • Introduction: It describes the objectives and aims of the paper. The context may be historic, academic, etc.;
  • Literature review contains a previous works done on the chosen topic. It must be organized and well described;
  • Methodology discusses the methods used in the study. It may be qualitative or quantitative. Methods may include interviews, surveys, experiments, etc.;
  • Findings and discussion: In the section, you should discuss and then evaluate the findings. The discussion, on the other hand, is the heart of the paper. It is the section where to tie the questions/hypotheses, previous research, data gathered, arguments and models, etc. On the other hand, the findings must be about the potential meaning of the data collected;
  • Conclusion: ‘Where to from here’ is one thing to take note of when writing the conclusion section?
  • Appendices: if required include the source materials;
  • References: if required, include the list of studies or reading references.

*May include other sections depending on the institution.

The same structure scheme may be applied while writing a doctoral dissertation on marketing, though not all the parts are obligatory for including. You need to discuss the dissertation structure with your scientific advisor and follow his/her recommendations.

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What Should Your Marketing Dissertation Include

write dissertation for me professional serviceA marketing dissertation demands the careful topic choosing. To decide on the topic is half of the writing process. If you want your marketing dissertation to be successful and well read in the scientific circles you need to get the topic that is acute and interesting. You will need a wide use of marketing terms and meaningful vocabulary devoted to this sphere.

It is also important to be aware of the latest marketing trends and theories to compose a decent marketing dissertation. Much depends on your scientific advisor. It is he who needs to get your oriented in the right direction during your scientific investigation. Strictly follow all the recommendations given by him/her and work properly.

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Most Popular Topics for Marketing Dissertation

  • Consumer behavior: How is it affected by advertising?
  • Use of mobile phone: how it improves marketing for students and young professionals.
  • Brand recognition: What are the elements of proper branding?
  • Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Competition in the supermarket retailing industry.
  • Purchase decisions – how it is affected by social media.
  • Are marketing techniques becoming privacy intrusive?
  • Value offerings and retail brands.
  • Marketing communication and consumer behavior on taking credit cards.
  • International marketing: adaptation versus standardization.

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How to Write a Successful Marketing Dissertation

  • Choose a topic, but be specific which to discuss, or you will lose focus in the paper.
  • Know the components of the paper: The standards include the abstract, contents, introduction, review of relevant literature, methodologies, ethical issues present, findings, discussions, conclusion, appendices and references.
  • Start early and set small milestones or deadlines for each chapter.
  • You may want to work on the introduction last, so you have better idea on what to write here once you are done with the rest of the chapters.
  • Give yourself time to read relevant studies and take note of those significant points for arguments you may want to explain or investigate further.
  • Know the required format and structure – along with word limit, citation style and parts.
  • Don’t pressure yourself and ask help when needed.
  • Ask feedback.
  • Be ready to write draft before the final paper.
  • Proofread and edit.

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