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Main Parts of a Marketing Dissertation

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Variable and Invariable Components of a Marketing Dissertation

The generally acknowledged in the scientific society dissertation structure may be shown b the next scheme:

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Title Page – Signed Statement – Acknowledgements – Abstract – Table of Contents – Chapters: Introduction, Literature Review, Aims and Methodology, Context, Findings, Discussion and Analysis, Conclusion – Bibliography – Appendices.

The same structure scheme may be applied while marketing dissertation writing, though not all the parts are obligatory for including. You need to discuss the dissertation structure with your scientific advisor and follow his/her recommendations.

What Should you Dissertation Include

A marketing dissertation demands the careful topic choosing. To decide on the topic is half of the writing process. If you want your marketing dissertation to be successful and well read in the scientific circles you need to get the topic that is acute and interesting. You will need a wide use of marketing terms and meaningful vocabulary devoted to this sphere. It is also important to be aware of the latest marketing trends and theories to compose a decent marketing dissertation.

Much depends on your scientific advisor. It is he who needs to get your oriented in the right direction during your scientific investigation. Strictly follow all the recommendations given by him/her and work properly.

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