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qualitative dissertation helpIn general, the difference between quantitative and qualitative dissertation writing lays in the research methods which are used the method. While quantitative dissertation writing requires usage of statistical analysis techniques, quantitative dissertation writing involves interviews, focus groups, and practical observations. However, according to our expert writers from write my dissertation writing service, there are more characteristics of qualitative dissertation writing approach which you should know to craft a successful paper. Our service will gladly share them with you.

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What Is a Qualitative Dissertation?

A qualitative research approach means creating a hypothesis based on your study of a sample group. A few features of this approach include correctness of the theories and methods involved, perspectives and diversities of the participants, different approaches and methods, and reflexiveness of the research and researchers. The main goal of this paper is to collect an understanding of the participants’ behavior and why, and then making inferences according to the data collected. So in a qualitative research, you are not only looking for facts but also on the “how and why behind” them.

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What Is a Qualitative Analysis?

Qualitative analysis is an analysis involving subjective judgment according to unquantifiable information. It focuses on the analysis of the ways and reasons in the research. This type of analysis is the opposite of quantitative that concentrates on the numbers. It is also a type of exploratory type of research, which has the goal of gaining an in-depth understanding of the underlying motivations and opinions of the participants. The data collected is through focus groups, interviews, observations and documentary analysis.

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Basic Characteristics of Qualitative Dissertation

main qualitative dissertation characteristics

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that qualitative dissertation research usually implies taking a certain approach towards the research process, as well as the particular type of research questions and research methods which are based on a certain scientific paradigm with its theory and research strategies.

Going further, according to writers from writemydissertation.net, the basic qualitative dissertation characteristics are:

  • They are normally used for creating dissertation in the field of humanities;
  • Qualitative dissertations allow that the research questions evolve during the research process;
  • The main idea of a qualitative research is to test an existing scientific theory and develop new theoretical insights;
  • They normally study people or groups or people in natural surroundings;
  • The data is interpreted with the regard to the possible biases of the researcher and research participants;
  • The aim of a qualitative dissertation is to create a holistic picture of what is being studied.

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qualitative dissertation writingA qualitative dissertation is a challenging research approach. It requires much time, planning and effort. The method also requires thorough analysis, which can be done by the professionals. Qualitative dissertation proposal writing isn’t only about beating a deadline, but it also has to meet the main objectives of the research that includes knowing the underlying reasons, opinion, and motivations of the participants.

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